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The “Black Wolf” Mountain Monster Saga Continues…

May 3, 2017



The Black Wolf, according to the visitor to the AIMS base camp in the previous episode, has been around for 200 years, and is the spirit of a Shawnee shaman who takes their spirits to the afterlife, kind of like a Grim Reaper.  As Jeff is apparently at least part Shawnee, it was speculated that the Black Wolf was some kind of legendary spiritual entity there to collect Jeff.  Once again, the Black Wolf was not revealed in S5/Ep4, but only more complications and plot twists.

Going out at night close to the base camp, the team found a scent post and claw marks on a tree.  They later found another tree construction (a medicine circle) with a dead black rabbit in the center of it.  The next day, Willy and Wild Bill constructed a maze trap with multiple snares within it to capture the Black Wolf.  A paw print was found in the woods that seemed to suggest an animal presence.

Meanwhile, Buck and Huckleberry went to meet Jeff in the woods, finding him standoffish.  A scuffle ensued over Jeff’s phone, which he originally claimed was turned off and had no reception in the woods, but which rang nonetheless during the encounter.  Following a scuffle over who he was talking to, Jeff stormed off.  Pursued, his nose was found to be streaming blood although no blows had been landed. 

The rest of the team decided to stake out the farmhouse where Jeff was staying that night, observing him to leave in a truck with two people.  They pursued the truck at a distance, eventually finding Jeff at the previously discovered medicine circle, which had been lit on fire together with the ill-fated deceased rabbit.  When Jeff and his companions had left, a trip wire was triggered to draw then back.  Jeff alone returned in the truck and walked around the vicinity of the trip wire while shadowed by Buck.  When Jeff doubled back it appeared that Buck would be discovered, a fate he avoided by hiding in the bed of the very pickup truck that Jeff was driving.  This truck with Buck as cargo then drove off, but was pursued by the rest of the team until it stopped by an old barn.  Deciding to venture within the barn, they discovered Jeff with team leader Trapper within, and the others wondering what was going on. – – Such high tension! –Can you stand the suspense?

This ended the episode, which again failed to reveal either the Black Wolf or the Woman of the Woods.  One hopes that this tiresome tangent of a tale isn’t dragged on too much longer…

The Yahoo of Nicholas County…

April 21, 2014


Yahoo does not always refer to a web site or a numbskull, but also to a large, bigfoot-like creature known as “the Yahoo” which frequents Nicholas County in West Virginia.  Standing seven to eight feet and weighing 800 to 1,200 pounds, first sightings of the Yahoo occurred in the mid-1800’s by lumberjacks.  What distinguishes the Yahoo from other Bigfoot variants is the cry or scream by which it is named.

Operating with the thought that it takes a hillbilly to catch a hillbilly, the Mountain Monsters crew of “hardcore hunters and trappers” went in pursuit of the Yahoo, first interviewing a local eyewitness called “Possum,” who reported seeing a black-furred creature with broad shoulders and huge eyes that screamed at him.  On the first night of their investigation, the crew saw an image on their thermal camera, as well as footprints spaced so as to indicate a 7′ – 8′ stride. 

The following day, a pitfall trap was constructed, and the team interviewed “Fish,” a farmer who witnessed the creature, heard his cry, and caught a partial image of it on a video camera.  Another eyewitness, Jarvis (- -yes!  An eyewitness with a normal name!) saw a 20″ footprint, and caught a dark image of the creature on a trail camera.  Jarvis thought that there was more than one Yahoo, and that they were essentially a family group. 

On the final night hunt, the crew baited their trap with pawpaws (native apples), and found tracks 10″ wide in a stream. From the differing characteristics of the tracks, it was felt that three distinct individuals were represented.  A cry was heard, following which time the crew found themselves pinned down in a ravine and essentially surrounded on at least two sides by the unseen but close by Yahoos, who manifested both their presence and displeasure by knocking small trees down towards their hillbilly pursuers.

Guns were waved about and camera angles became bouncy at this point, but in the general confusion the crew made it back to their trap which they found to have been destroyed by a tree about 60′ long that had been cast upon it.  This final revelation suggested further that the Yahoo creatures live and work in a family unit, and are capable of coordinating their efforts.

Once again confounded, the Mountain Monsters men seem unable to catch anything to date, except perhaps ratings…

Cattle Mutilations!

September 5, 2013

s-COW-large – – Alright! – – Who’s up for a show on cattle mutilations!

What a silly question! – – We all are, of course! Cattle mutilations carry that heady odd mixture of attraction and repulsion that makes something utterly irresistible, at least for those of us hooked on the strange, the macabre, and the unexplained. Speaking of which, The Unexplained Files conveniently served up a heaping helping of cattle mutilations on their most recent episode! – – Who says that television is a vast wasteland?!

Anyways, in the San Luis Valley in Colorado as in other midwestern states, cattle have been mutilated with near surgical precision, their eyes, ears, tongues, and sex organs removed with the corpses drained of blood. The cuts applied have apparently been cauterized with intense heat. Pet horses have also been so mutilated. Many of the mutilated animals share bone fractures, as if the animals were dropped from a height to the location of their discovery.

A number of explanations were advanced to possibly explain the phenomena. Predators remain the official explanation, although this seems unlikely as body parts were not strewn about, the grounds of discovery were curiously bloodless, and harvesting of body parts seems both unusual and selective. Speculation also exists that extraterrestrials were involved, possibly using bovine and equine blood to create hybrids. UFO sightings have been reported following some reported mutilations.

Theories also exist that human and governmental involvement is responsible, representing a kind of clandestine federal monitoring program of the food chain in order to contain a deadly outbreak of “mad cow” disease or possibly bioterrorism. Black helicopters favored by “black ops” agents have been reported by some area residents following mutilation incidents, although still others see the deeds as the work of whacked-out cultists.

At any rate, the bovine and equine deaths were both strange and unnatural, with unanswered questions likely to linger for the indefinite future. – – Anyone up for a burger? I’ll pass, thank you…

Woman Devoured by Vultures…

May 7, 2013

Ruppell's Griffon Vulture (Gyps rueppellii) perched– – The following story I forewarn you is not for those of delicate sensitivities, good readers…but if you enjoy a good gross-out and are not yourselves eating, read on!

Nature can be cruel but it is efficient, and wastes nothing…and so it was that when a woman in France fell to her death off a cliff in mid-April, her body was devoured by vultures in just 45 minutes, before rescue workers were even able to reach the remains. The 52-year-old woman was hiking with two friends in the French Pyrenees when she plunged more than 980 feet to her death. By the time rescuers reached the body, there were only clothes, shoes, and bones left on the ground…

Griffon vultures were the species involved, and they are protected by law. The gruesome incident may further the cause of area farmers who want permission to shoot the vultures, claiming that the ban has led to a swelling in their population with livestock being threatened. Vultures have been deprived of animal carcasses due to a European law requiring farmers to burn the bodies of dead animals. In effect, this has turned the griffon vultures from scavengers to predators in regions of southern France and Spain, with livestock animals literally being eaten alive…

Feline Terminators…

January 31, 2013

blofeld-cat– – It’s been said that were videos about cats and pornography eliminated from the internet, there would be little left!  While appealing and loved by many, cats can at times also show a darker side.  Here we see the lap cat of Bond arch-villain Blofeld.  Cats have demonstrated abilities to be efficient predators, as has been recently noted by research conducted by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published on Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.  

The study found that previous wildlife mortality estimates owing to feline predation were way too low.  Cats, primarily un-owned, feral ones, are felt to be responsible for the deaths of 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds, and 6.9 to 20.7 billion mammals annually.  If 2.3 billion birds are killed by cats, this would mean that 1 in 10 birds are taken by cats every year. 

In New Zealand, cats are considered an invasive species, and have prompted environmentalist/economist Gareth Morgan to push for much tighter controls on the island nation’s cat population expressed through a “Cats to Go” campaign.  Rather than declaring open season on cats, however, the program advocates neutering cats, keeping them indoors, and not getting any new ones. 

The American study does not recommend any drastic schemes to cut down on U.S. wildlife deaths, but rather calls for “conservation and policy intervention” in order to reduce environmental impact.  It should be pointed out that humans are responsible for most modern animal extinctions, whether through hunting, habitat destruction, introduction of invasive species, or other environmental disruptions…


The Python Purge Proceeds…

January 18, 2013

Florida python hunt– – The month-long python purge is in progress in Florida, with about 800 intrepid hunters in pursuit of the estimated 15,000 to 20,000 Burmese pythons who live in the Everglades where they are an invasive species and decimate natural populations.  The pythons are elusive, however, and not that many carcasses have been turned in to date.  Recommended methods of dispatching them include shooting or cutting off their heads with a machete; the “captive bolt” method is also mentioned if the device can be attached to their heads to destroy their brains as one would a zombie. 

If encountered, the pythons are unlikely to engage in a death struggle with their pursuers, and most will likely either remain where they are spotted or seek to escape.  Most are thought to have been spawned from pet shop purchased snakes that either escaped or were released by their owners into the wild when their size exceeded expectations.  A carnivorous, apex predator, the pythons have been known to consume prey as large as deer and alligators…

Snake On A Plane!

January 12, 2013

python plane– – We all know about the 2006 Samuel L. Jackson film, Snakes On A Plane (sample repeatable line:  “Why exactly are there snakes on this plane?”), but in another case of life imitating art(?), a scrub python hitched a ride on the wing of a plane on a flight from Australia to Papua, New Guinea.  A woman supposedly pointed outside the plane and told the cabin crew, “There’s a snake on the wing,” recalling William Shatner’s memorable performance in the classic Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.  

The nearly ten-foot-long python was tucked away under the plane’s wing but the wind caught its tail and dragged it out from its hideout.  The snake repeatedly tried to haul itself to safety only to be dragged out again by the wind.  The snake was whipped against the rear of the plane and also exposed to 10-degree freezing temperatures, and sadly it did not survive its ordeal.  Now it’s not just a koala that hates Qantas