Capitol Red Fox Caught…

I wish to disavow involvement with the incidents of a red fox biting nine people on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, and have a perfect alibi; she was a female, you see…

She was a fine specimen, it must be admitted, and I’m sure that many of us can sympathize with biting people on the ankle, especially congressmen, but with nine confirmed bites, her doom was sealed. It saddens me to report that the fox was captured and euthanized, and did test positive for rabies. Even sadder is the fact that her kits were also reportedly captured and euthanized, too…

Rest In Peace, magnificent lady! You just took bite the power a bit too much to heart… 🦊

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4 Comments on “Capitol Red Fox Caught…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, I don’t know if this will provide any consolation; but, I thought you might find this interesting, in general. It’s recently been proven that the nocturnal cries previously attributed to mustelids erroneously called “fisher cats” (and which eastern Native American tribes thought were lamenting spirits) were actually the barking of foxes!

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  2. carycomic Says:

    By the way: I recently bought the back-issues of a mini-series in which Batman teamed up Bigby Wolf from DC’s “Fables” imprint.

    The latter began about ten or fifteen years back as a separate line of comics in which a number of fairy tale characters had taken refuge in our world after the overthrow of several storybook kingdoms by–of all people–Geppetto!*

    Well, the villain in this mini-series initially appears to be that larcenous litterateur from the Adam West series; the Bookworm! Personally, though, I would have preferred the true mastermind turning out to be the Queen of Fables. Alas! ’twas not to be. 😦

    *Using actual puppet rulers…and with Bigby and Snow White as husband-and-wife leaders of the resistance.

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  3. carycomic Says:

    The Queen of Fables is a foe of the modern Justice League of America. Loosely based on Snow White’s stepmother!

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