“Rebobs,” and Flying Monkeys…

Now we’ve all seen The Wizard of Oz like 10,000 times, and know that The Wicked Witch of the West (who I really kinda liked) had a totally cool kind of Air Force comprised of Flying Monkeys that gave some kids nightmares, but which I also liked. The Toto-snatchers even had a sense of fashion, kind of like a cross between Elvis and Evel Knievel. Wouldn’t you secretly like to have some such Flying Monkeys to get after certain people, entertain at your parties, or be in your employment? Theyd make great henchmen!

Having been introduced to Flying Monkeys in such a film classic, we now go in search of them in a Season 3 segment of Monsters and Mysteries in America as seen on (what else) The Travel Channel.  These creatures have been reported in Napa Valley, California, frequenting in particular a wooded section of Partrick Road there.  The cryptic creatures were first reported in the 1960’s and 70’s, with multiple sightings of “the Flying Rebobs” then that continue into the present.  One account covered some teenagers who went partying and camping in the area, hearing screams in the woods.  They camped there, with one of their number awakening with three scratch marks on his chest.  They returned to the road the next day, reportedly seeing a creature which jumped in front of their car then springing to a tree.  The thing was described as large, 7′ tall, and with a large furry body and red eyes.  

In another account a then-teenaged couple in 1997 drove up Partrick Road, reaching a point where temperatures dropped and they felt being watched.  They saw something up in a tree with big red eyes and a penetrating stare, the girl reporting that she “felt real fear,” as if the thing might eat her.  

Now the local legend has it that the Rebobs were a kind of mutant monkey created by a mad scientist type who cross-bred either monkeys and bats, or in another version, monkeys and humans.  In yet other versions, the monkeys have mechanical parts.  The speculation is that they were created as kind of bio-weapons, perhaps for the military.  Well, said monkeys eventually escaped, perhaps killing their creator, and then took over the woods.  “Life will find a way,” right? 

Not surprisingly, no photos exist of the Flying Rebobs, although they have been artistically rendered in a variety of ways, none of which you’ll be likely to find in your neighborhood pet shop..and doesn’t The Flying Rebobs sound like a team of circus acrobats?!

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One Comment on ““Rebobs,” and Flying Monkeys…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Yes, indeed, they do. Given that most of these “sightings” were made by partying teenagers, however, I would hazard to guess they had overly “medicated” themselves. Either with alcoholic beverages or post-carnal marijuana.

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