Great-Grandmother vs. 12-Foot ‘Gator…

Here at Foxsylvania, we applaud and appreciate strong women, and feel that they are an awakening giant in America’s near political future. As a case in point, we bring you Judy Cochran, the mayor of Livingston, Texas who is also a great-grandmother.

Well, about three years ago, a miniature horse of her’s went missing, and its remains were never found. A large alligator was suspected, with multiple gators having been found on her property, which includes several miles of riverfront. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and a 12-foot, 580-pound alligator was recently legally shot and killed in a pond with one round by the mayor, who plans on eating the meat and making the hide into boots. Her grandson shot an even larger gator several years ago…

…I plan on staying on the right side of the mayor, and hope that she doesn’t see me as a varmint should I venture into Texas…

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4 Comments on “Great-Grandmother vs. 12-Foot ‘Gator…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I can’t help wondering if Her Honor succumbed to the temptation of making a Bondian quip at the time of that hunt. You know; something like…

    “See you later, alligator.” 😉

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