The Geico “Walrus Goalie” Commercial…

Things get stranger and stranger in the world of advertising, where weird means memorable which can equate to name recognition and subsequently business. Duncan the walrus is an unlikely representative of Geico insurance, but he certainly gets the job done, just as he completely fills the hockey goal, making it impossible for the opposing team to score in a recent Geico ad.  Geico makes it easy to get help when you need it, you see, by having licensed agents available 24/7, and it’s not just Geico easy, it’s “having a walrus in the goal easy…”

Duncan is decked out in protective hockey gear, even though it’s ludicrously too small for him.  We see in the commercial spot a hockey puck bounce off his shin guard, while a frustrated opposing team skater grouses that the walrus is “ridiculous.”  The team coach  off on the sidelines doesn’t think so, shouting “Way to go, Duncan!” as he throws the walrus a fish from a bucket that Duncan catches on the fly.  The sidelined coach  and team members then further show their appreciation of the goalie by making walrus sounds.  Having had his fish and excitement, the walrus must then be admonished not to fall asleep on the ice.  “Duncan, stay up!  No sleepies!,” cries the coach in the closing.

One wonders if Duncan in his off hours doesn’t reflect upon the lyrics from the 1967 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album, for he is the walrus…“goo goo j’goob.”



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4 Comments on “The Geico “Walrus Goalie” Commercial…”

  1. vulpesffb Says:

    “We are the boys in the chorus,
    We hope you liked our show.
    We know you’re rootin’ for us,
    But now we have to go!”


    • carycomic Says:

      I’m remined of that Walt Disney classic “Gus,” wherein the eponymous mule (trained to kick soccer balls by his Yugoslavian exchange student owner) becomes the new place kicker for a victory-starved college football team.

      This film, by the way, co-starred the recenty-deceased Tim Conway, as one of a bumbling pair of thieves hired to abduct the mulel

      RIP, Tim. 😦

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