Nature’s Own Commercial, “Goodness:  Three Little Pigs”

It’s a charming commercial, with a bit of old world flavor.  The Three Little Pigs of fairy tale fame are busy in their kitchen, making breakfast…and Lordy, they’re making French toast with Nature’s Own bread!  I love French toast, and this looks more than good enough to eat, so gimme, gimme, gimme!  Pleasant low-key European-style dining music is playing in the background.  I’d be on board for this…

But wait…the Big Bad Wolf is also in the background, with a mighty exhalation of his classic breath!  Is he about to “blow the piggies” house down, and feast on the diners therein?!  Nah, not to worry…the wolf is blowing out celebratory candles on a giant stack of french toast thoughtfully prepared by the three piggies for some special occasion.  They all applaud the wolf’s efforts, and then everyone is sitting down around the rustic table to eat hearty.  All appears harmonious and well, but…

Hey, got any bacon?, asks the wolf.  This is followed by silence and blank stares by the pigs, and you can almost hear the crickets.  “Just kidding!,” the wolf then reassures his company.  He was only having fun with the piggies, you see, even if the joke was in questionable taste.  All is well here with the predator/prey breakfast repast, despite wolves having a bad rep.  Don’t kill the cook, I always say…

Nature’s OwnGoodness is in their nature.  It’s “goodness that brings everyone together.”  And even a wolf can be capable of peaceful coexistence, apparently.  It’s the wolves who pretend not to be one that you have to watch out for…


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4 Comments on “Nature’s Own Commercial, “Goodness:  Three Little Pigs””

  1. carycomic Says:

    True poor taste is naming a pig (with prosthetic wheels replacing malformed back legs) “Chris P. Bacon.”

    It certainly made a certain local anchorman break down in unprofessional fits of laughter on Youtube.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I love how the wolf in this commercial is well-dressed and presentable; he’s wearing a jacket and tie, for cripe’s sake, but is still undeniably a wolf. He’s not politically correct either, making a joke that undoubtedly made his hosts uncomfortable. I kinda like the guy, whereas the piggy hosts are indistinguishable from one another. This wolf could be the Rocket Raccoon of the lupine community…

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