Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man



In a two-part saga, the AIMS team of the Mountain Monsters series went to Blair County, Pennsylvania in search of a Bigfoot variant called the Lightning Man.  This Bigfoot stands about 8′ tall, weighs about 500 lbs., has black fur, and travels in the company of seven other Bigfoot called, the Thunder Brothers, which would be a great name for a wrestling team or perhaps a band!

With team leader Trapper still on the mend, the remaining group members first met with “Robert,” a farmer who described hearing thunder sounds coming from the ground on an otherwise clear night.  Investigating with a flashlight he perceived something to pass by outside, although the flashlight ceased to function in the presence of whatever it was.  During their first night’s investigation, the team heard noise, saw movement, and came upon a number of tracks that indicated to them the presence of multiple creatures.  

The following day as Willy and Wild Bill constructed a steel octagon trap, the remainder of the team followed a creek where the footprints had been found, and thought that they had flushed a Bigfoot from a tree, coming upon a hollow tree which produced thunder-like sounds when beaten on with rocks.  They named this a thunder tree, and thought this or something similar was used by the Thunder Brothers to produce their characteristic sounds.  A second eyewitness, an electrician called “John” described hearing noises by an old barn, and produced a picture of a Native American lightning symbol found within that barn.  When the electrician had rigged the barn with motion sensor lights, the lights failed to operate when the suspected Bigfoot passed by, but worked in the presence of other moving wildlife.

During an unprecedented second night’s hunt, the team explored the electrician’s barn, and found a buried wooden eagle figure. The lights then went out, and there was felt to be movement in the barn. The team heard thundering sounds, and thinking that the Thunder Brothers were at it again, exited the barn to charge after them. Acting team leader Buck, however, thought this a diversionary tactic, and by himself doubled back to the barn where he unearthed what appeared to be a primitive stone ax head. An arm supposedly then reached through the barn boards trying to get at Buck, who beat a hasty retreat and was rejoined by the rest of the team. They resolved to share their exploits with Trapper, and research the significance of the discovered stone object. The upcoming episode of Mountain Monsters will presumably wrap things up, probably with more unanswered questions…

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5 Comments on “Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Yes. And the greatest unanswered question: why does this POC keep getting renewed?!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I wish they actually had history on the History channel, Decoding the Past, Monsterquest, Conspiracy? and Lost Worlds were great shows!!!


  3. No kidding, how stupid do the think we are? 1. “A hundred years ago” = 1916. That puts us into WWI… NOT back with settlers and Indian Nations… 2. If you look at that ammo box they pulled out from under the dock… the printing on it said it was loaded Nov of 74. Yeah, it “old” but NOT THAT OLD! and those “riddles”…it was all just SO LAME!! I DO believe that there is a Bigfoot… creature… and other things that are perhaps beyond our normal realm of belief… but these guys are making a mockery of those of us who do look beyond… won’t watch them antymore.


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