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Perry Shoots Less-Than-Wily Coyote…

September 3, 2011

 – – Republican presidential aspirant Rick Perry, described by another Texas Republican as being “…like Bush only without the brains,” recently drew attention for reportedly shooting a coyote dead that he felt menaced his daughter’s Labrador while he was jogging on a trail near Austin.

Now Perry claims that he always carries his .380 Ruger handgun in undeveloped areas because he’s afraid of snakesand felt that either he or the dog were in imminent danger from the coyote, so the governor plugged him.  It should be noted that the governor was without his security detail at the time, so the incident or the degree of threat posed can’t be substantiated.  Coyotes usually, however, are wary predators that shun human contact, and when some Austin locals protested that Perry’s reaction was excessive and dangerous, Perry shrugged it off.   “Don’t attack my dog,” Perry said, “or you might get shot – if you’re a coyote.”

Dunno about this Perry, but I’d vote for Perry the Platypus…and had the coyote been Wile E., properly supplied and supported by Acme, the incident might have had a very different outcome…

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