Snickers “Fantasy Night” Centaur…


No, good readers, we have not turned into a BDSM blog, but are only sharing images of a centaur which appears in a Snickers “Fantasy Night Football” commercial.  You see, Matt, the centaur pictured, has gotten his fantasy nights confused…and we’ve all been there, right (–not)?  So anyhow, Matt decides to go horsing around, and shows up at a neigh-bor’s house in his centaur’s costume.  The only problem is, it’s Football Fantasy night, and not…whatever else it is that Matt is into, ahem!  We shall not go there, being a semi-respectable establishment…

The commercial may be seen as an extension of the “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” Snickers theme, and Matt must be hungry indeed.  Perhaps it’s appropriate that Matt is in his centaur suit, since Snickers is named after a horse…and being a centaur does add new layers of meaning into the expression, “going for a ride.”  

I’ve always wondered, though…when a centaur is ill, does he see an MD or a veterinarian?  There are unanswered questions here…hmmm!


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5 Comments on “Snickers “Fantasy Night” Centaur…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think the more appropo expression, re: this commercial, would be “…eating like a horse.”

    Speaking of commercials: have you ever seen those TV ads for paper towels where the hyperactive pre-schooler knocks something over and spills it? And the mother just SMILES (with complete forgiveness and understanding) before breaking out the paper towel brand in question?

    These are lies. LIES!!!

    Real-life parents don’t react that calmly after something like that. Mine sure never did! When I was that age (circa >5 years), my parents treated even my first-time mistakes like I had just perpetrated them for the millionth time! They blasted off like a Saturn V rocket. . .and I wound up with my butt looking like the Great Red Spot of Jupiter!!

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Btw: Tori Spelling was the singing unicorn.

    And, in the immortal words of Dr. Zachary Smith: “Oh, the pain! The pain!!”

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