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Hannah Montana Raccoon Repellent!

July 7, 2012

– – In case you are ever assaulted by a  flesh-biting raccoon, you may want to have a bottle of Hannah Montana perfume spray with you!  A recent video going viral on YouTube shows a kind of redneck Santa Claus, a white-bearded and shirtless man with a pet raccoon by his side that has an annoying habit of biting him painfully on the upper arm and back, which we see happening.–Well, the mountain man resourcefully snatches up a spray bottle of a Hannah Montana branded product, spritzes himself with it, and viola!  The ‘coon wants nothing more to do with him, and is held at bay!–Problem solved!

This is American ingenuity at its finest!  One wonders, however, if the same effect might have been achieved if the gentleman had begun singing Hannah Montana songs…and might this spray be a viable alternative to Mace and the Taser?  (“Sir, calm down and comply or I’ll have to Hannah Montana spray you!”)

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