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Disney Animal Sidekicks

August 1, 2008

Disney cartoon movies follow a formula which almost always includes an amusing animal sidekick; an example of such would be the raccoon Meeko in the film, Pocahontas. There are many other examples which can readily be cited; the meerkat and warthog to Simba in The Lion King, to name others.  The sidekicks are usually funny, and may at times provide comic relief for a serious situation, guide the main character, or serve as alternative “selves” to that character.  The Disney formula has been both popular and successful, but may portray the animal sidekicks as lightweights rather than stand-alone characters.  This can kind of reinforce the “kiddy character” of animated Disney flicks, although they often may be the only films with furry characters that many adults see, and that to please or entertain their kids.

My favorite Disney film?–Why, Robin Hood, of course, featuring as it does a fox properly portraying the title role…

The Cajun Fox

May 28, 2008

Courage, the Cowardly Dog by John R. Dilworth has many enemies, some human, others animal, some otherworldly.  My personal fave is The Cajun Fox (pictured), who wears sunglasses and desires to cook Courage’s owner, Muriel, into a stew or gumbo.  He never succeeds, but looks very good in his efforts.

Hopefully we will continue to see more of this fox, along with other memorable furry enemies such as Le Quack the Duck, and of course the Cat.  Evil is so much more interesting than good, don’t ‘ya think?

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