Allstate’s “Mayhem Cat” Commercial…

Dean Winters is back as the Allstate Mayhem guy, a role he plays to perfection…and he’s no stranger to playing animals as well, having played a raccoon in the attic in an earlier outing (below)…

This time he’s portraying a cat, and the absurdity and whimsy of his portrayal is enhanced by the fact that he’s neither in costume nor CGI enhanced, but simply appearing as a normally dressed adult human male adopting feline mannerisms, poses, and behaviors. 

“I’m your cat,” announces Winters, “and ever since you brought me home that day, I’ve been plotting to destroy you,” he declares calmly, flashing back to his batting away the petting hand of his male owner on that first day. We are show Winters doing a variety of iconic cat-things, like playing with kitty-toys while lying on his owner’s couch, and spitting a mouse onto their sleeping face.  “I’ve been sizing you up, calculating your every move,” Winters shares as he peers from a cat-condo and rides a Roomba.  “You think this is love?  This is a billion years of tiger DNA, waiting to pounce!” Eventually a faucet left running by the Winters-cat overflows the sink, causing the upstairs bathroom to collapse down to the floor below.  His feline agenda is proceeding nicely…

If you have the wrong type of insurance, you could be stuck coughing up the cash for this,” advises Winters as he coughs up bird feathers by a now vacant cage. “So get Allstate, and you could be better protected from Mayhem, like meow,” he closes, dipping his fingers into a cat-food bowl bearing the name “Mayhem,” and laughing in a rather sinister fashion, his outfit complete with a collar and tag…the devil is in the details, you see!




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10 Comments on “Allstate’s “Mayhem Cat” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    My folks would’ve had him spayed AND neutered within a week of bringing him home. 😆

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I don’t think that Dean Winters would have gone along with that, even for what he was paid to do this commercial…


      • vulpesffb Says:

        BTW, “Mayhem” is a great name for a cat! So much better than “Fluffy” or “Puff!

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        • carycomic Says:

          My favorite Snoopy strips in PEANUTS were the ones where he kept referring to the never-seen-but-short-tempered cat next door as “stupid.”

          Never trash-talk a cat named after World War II.

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          • carycomic Says:

            If, however, you ever one of those days that starts out at rock-bottom, yet still goes downhill from there, try googling the fifteen-step procedure for giving a pill to a cat.

            I was laughing my head off before Step Number 7.

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            • carycomic Says:

              One more postscript: I went to the Big E (= Eastern States Exposition) in West Springfield, Massachusetts, today. And guess who they had greeting some of my fellow fair-goers in a live presentation of his TV commercial bit? The actor who plays…

              Zoltar the “Animatronic” Fortune-teller!

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            • vulpesffb Says:

              Did you shake his hand, or set him free? Was he riding a unicycle? 😉

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Neither one, unfortunately. He was surrounded by too many others. 😦


  3. Denise Worthen Says:

    My dog goes crazy every time she sees a dog, cat, gorilla, or any animal on TV. She watches way too much television. Anyway, she also goes nuts for Mayhem as a cat and as a dog. That Dean Winters is a great actor if he can convince a dog that he is a cat and a dog. Method acting I guess.


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