Progressive’s “Motaur: Gym” Commercial…


There are advantages to being a cybernetic organism.  In addition to being extremely cool, it’s awfully easy to exercise when your lower body machine components are those of a motorcycle; just roll onto a treadmill, and you’re off to the races!  You can even multi-task while you’re on a roll by reading a book.  That’s right, our Progressive motaur isn’t just a pretty face getting his laps in, he’s improving his mind!  We can all learn from this…

In our latest Progressive commercial, as our motaur hums along, he’s approached by a gym rat who tries to remind our man-machine that there’s a thirty-minute limit on the treadmill.  “Tell that to the rain,” counters our motorcycle/man in a fashion which reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Tell it to the hand” line from Terminator 2.  Would you care to argue with a cyborg?  No, I didn’t think so.  Our motaur sets the treadmill faster several times during the commercial, and calmly continues both his reading and his ride… 

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30 Comments on “Progressive’s “Motaur: Gym” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I sweat off my excess pounds, vicariously. Watching 1970’s exercise videos featuring women in black leotards with matching tights! 😉

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      And “leg warmers!” Remember those stupid accessories?

      But if you’re not in luck, Richard Simmons will be leading an installment of “Sweating to the Oldies! The horror, the horror… 🙀

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      • carycomic Says:

        Yeah, I have to agree. Leg warmers kind of spoiled the streamline look of the leotards.

        Then, again, mental fitness is just as vital as physical fitness.

        I remember a Johnny Carson classic, wherein he tells the story of this guy who visits a friend’s new apartment. A tenth floor affair with a balcony that’s been temporarily removed for structural reinforcement.

        The first guy is told to relax and play with this recently adopted dog while the friend answers a phone call in the back bedroom. But, he gets bored after the first three retrieved tosses of the dog’s rubber ball. So, the fourth toss goes a little bit too far. Right out the open glass door of the balcony!

        Naturally, the first guy is distraught. What’s he gonna tell his friend when he comes back into the living room? Then, it hits him. When the friend re-enters the living room, the first guy says…

        “You know, when I first got here, your dog looked a little depressed.”

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  2. Davey Black Says:

    What’s the title of the book Motaur is reading??

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  3. Jeffery Bucel Says:

    The commercial is stupid and racist

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    • Jane Wright Says:

      Yes, I agree these “motaur” commercials are stupid, but to me they are more racial…like look at me, I’m big and I’m black!! Nothing he says in these commercials come across to me as informative. Just rude and implying he is in charge! So racial. Y’all need to take these motaur commercials off the air! They offend me!


  4. pjoh178842 Says:

    Hate this commercial! It’s just telling people it’s OK to be rude and not follow rules

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  5. Steve Porter Says:

    Re: Motaur in gym. What an arrogant A-hole. He needs to be wheeled right out of that gym. Loud, smelly and inconsiderate.


  6. upforall68 Says:

    Can’t understand him…stupid commercial.


  7. Michael Whitworth Says:

    An incredibly stupid series of commercials


  8. Ione Williams Couch Says:

    Before today, when I googled, I thought that he was saying “Tell that to the right” It made no sense – lol. Now I see that he is saying “Tell that to the rain” I get it now. When riding a bike you don’t want to get wet so you see “shelter” – he chose a gym……..


  9. Tell it to Ray
    You don’t “tell” anything to Ray.


  10. people take their commercials seriously. 🤭

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  11. ianhjames Says:

    It is “A Helmet for Two”, you can see the title clearly if you replay the video slowly.
    It appears to be a fictitious book.


  12. David Fillingham Says:

    Mortaur is an arrogant selfish jerk every time he shows up on the screen. Apparently that’s Progressive’s target customer.


  13. Geri Galino Dineen Says:

    I hate this commercial. It reeks of arrogance — “I matter, you don’t. I don’t care that you pay the same gym fees as I do.” Not a good look for anyone or any company.


  14. Blue Jacket Says:

    We all agree; it’s a stupid commercial and a waste of our TV time, for which we already pay too much. But, ad people will tell you that commercials like that, which incite your feelings, that are very effective in getting you to remember the name of the sponsor’s name.


  15. Lester Hansen Says:

    The commercial shows blacks are very rude to the white guy.


  16. Alaska Weatherman Says:

    Right after Motaur chimes in “TELL THAT TO THE RAIN”, this is where USAA needs to gently tilt Motaur over like a cow. And let people know what a really good insurance company is all about.


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