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“Fresh Step” DJ Cats…

September 9, 2013

dj cats— Love them or hate them, cats have been a powerful presence in advertising, and since at least the 20th century, they’ve also been associated with music, especially jazz. They’re part of the language; consider idiomatic references like hep cat, swing cat, cool cat, and the list goes on. Perhaps it’s because cats are independent and tend to choose their own focus that they’ve come to be associated with music forms that are cutting edge and a bit outside of the mainstream, at least at their inception and at one particular point in time.

It’s perhaps only natural then that cats should update and transition into studio and technology based forms of musical expression, functioning as disc jockeys and engineering today’s sound in a Fresh Step kitty litter commercial…

Cat’s Cradle

June 9, 2009

cat burial– – Experts originally thought that the Egyptians were the first to domesticate the cat about 3,600 years ago, but recent genetic and archaeological discoveries indicate that cats were being tamed nearly 10,000 years ago in the Mediterranean.

In 2004, a 9,500-year-old burial site of an adult human and a cat was discovered on the island of Cyprus, where cats are not native.  Cats were accordingly thought to have been brought there by boat, long before the Egyptians began keeping them as pets…

…and they’ve owned us ever since!

Walk This Way…

September 30, 2008

–Heh, did you know that cats, camels, and giraffes are the only animals who walk by moving both right legs together and both left legs together?

Cats can also hear ultrasonic frequencies, although they’re lousy at describing them…

Animal Personalities

August 23, 2008

–Those who do not share their lives with animals are frequently surprised by those of us who do so with more than one of a single species; why should anyone choose to have, for example, more than one cat?  The answer is that no two animals are alike, and each has a distinctive and discernible personality; they are not interchangeable, cookie-cutter life forms. Animal behavior also reflects the individual’s unique personality.  Multiple animals additionally interact with one another in ways that are frequently entertaining.  I live with three very different cats and one dog, each of which has distinctive traits and attributes.  Four is my personal limit, while for others it might be even more; this does not, however, justify acquisition of dozens of pets, at which point the person might be termed a “collector.”

I don’t really like to think of myself as a pet “owner,” but rather a caretaker or steward of them.  One does not or should not “own” another living creature, but rather share life and space with our fellow life forms, benefitting from the mutual association.