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Whooping Cough Wolf!

August 24, 2015




“Aww, doesn’t the baby look sweet…and tender?”

So you might think that the wolf was thinking in an edgy current public service health commercial about the dangers of whooping cough exposure for infants.  In the Big Bad Cough spot, a couple is taking their infant child to visit a grandmother, who transforms from human to lupine right before our eyes!  This is supposed to represent the hidden danger posed by whooping cough, carried by the unwary grandmother.  Pertussis is a spreadable disease especially dangerous to young children, and the commercial draws upon the classic Red Riding Hood tale.

Now wolves tend to generally get a bad press, representing nothing positive.  The Red Riding Hood story has been reworked and re-told a variety of ways, but I’ve always felt somewhat sympathetic towards wolves, and the notion of a wolf in bed wearing a grandmother’s clothing is not without its comic elements, at least in my twisted mind. Perhaps the wolf rather enjoyed the cross-dressing…at any rate, he deserved better than being axed to death by a woodman!  In one revisionist kiddie literature version, the story is re-told from the wolf’s perspective…now that’s entertainment!

Wolf Attacks!

December 24, 2007

wolf.jpg  — Wolf attacks appear to be on the increase in and around Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska.   Most of these attacks have been on dogs, with some humans also victims.  Ordinarily wolves don’t attack people, but rather a species like elk.  Once they find that a domestic dog is an easier kill, however, they may be more inclined to go for such a meal.

In a recent attack, three female joggers were quietly surrounded by a wolf pack.  They were able to keep the wolves at bay with pepper spray they were fortunate enough to be carrying, and they retreated slowly by walking backwards and screaming.  The women were able to get back to their cars over a mile away from the attack site.

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