Starbucks “Workhorse” Commercial…



Poor Elliot!  Although he’s in harness at work, it’s his co-worker Ned who gets noticed by their female boss, and called “a real workhorse.” When  Elliot spins around, neighs, and shakes his magnificent mane, his unappreciative boss only orders him back to work.  Typical office favoritism and partiality; sounds like this boss is a real nag!

It looks like Starbucks in this commercial is telling us that even an actual workhorse is no match for someone with a double shot coffee or such down the hatch.  Living on excessively high doses of caffeine, however, is no horse laugh, even if they do work you like one…been there, done that!

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3 Comments on “Starbucks “Workhorse” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I get a bigger kick out of the one with the six-armed guy. Reminds me of the very first Spidey story I ever read. Back when Marvel sold those comics for 27 cents (including sales tax)!*

    *For the record, it was AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101…with him and the Lizard double-teaming Morbius the Living Vampire.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Since by definition vampires are dead, a living one would be a true rarity!


      • carycomic Says:

        His now-classic back story is that MIchael Morbius was a biochemist suffering from an incurable blood disease. So he tried to use a genetically modified enzyme, extracted from a vampire bat, to treat the disease. But, while conducting an analysis of yet another failed strain, during a thunderstorm, his household lab was struck by lightning and…you should be able to guess the rest.


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