Kayak TV Commercial “Shark…”


Imagine performing dentistry on a Great White Shark…now that’s a toothy business!  This shark is reclining on a dental chair, too, although there’s no need to tell him to open wide…his maw gapes enormously, and is full of razor-sharp teeth.  In the Kayak commercial, you can even see the shark’s tail moving slightly.  The attending dentist doesn’t appear too worried about his unusual client, however, just going about business as usual.  An observing guy in the background comments that the dentist appears confident.  A woman also in the background agrees, but adds that he doesn’t appear Kayak confident as she is, with Kayak having searched hundreds of sites for her to find the best flight.  It’s “search one and done,” you see…

Now being offbeat, I fantasize about crossover commercials.  Picture one featuring the Kayak shark, and the Aspen Dental dentist.  “You really should take better care of your teeth,” the Aspen Dentist might lecture the Kayak shark, who perhaps deliberately in spite ate a whole box of Oreos before visiting the dentist.  “Cancel the rest of my appointments for this afternoon!,” our Aspen guy might add before settling undaunted into the task of cleaning the hundreds of teeth before him. Dentistry soldiers on…our unsung heroes.

Or imagine Progressive Insurance’s agent Flo trying to sell insurance to the shark, who would only listen so long before snapping at Flo in frustration.  Cobra-like, Flo would whip safely away before chiding the shark that he didn’t have to snap her head off.  Flo has impressive survival skills, you see, enduring being marooned on a desert island with only a “name your own price” tool in a commercial that recalls a Tom Hanks film…

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5 Comments on “Kayak TV Commercial “Shark…””

  1. carycomic Says:

    This and the trucking commercial (where we see an employee on lunch break feeding some crumbs to a dorsal fin going back and forth inside a newly-opened, saltwater-filled box) were most likely done for Discovery Channel’s 30th annual Shark Week. Which, this year, runs July 22nd-28th!

    It’s at this point that I’d usually “mako” lame pun, related to Shark Week. But, this year, I’m stumped.

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  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—Discovery Channel just showed a new version of the dental commercial. Only, it’s a female hygienist working on the teeth of an apparently pregnant lady shark!

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  3. vulpesffb Says:

    This commercial reminds me of those classic “land shark” sketches done on the original “Saturday Night Live” series…


  4. carycomic Says:

    “Live, from New Yawk, it’s Saturday Niiiiiiiight!”


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