Cheating Death Stuntman…

We all know that it’s not a great idea to try and cheat death, since eventually he’s gonna win.  Even 60’s “Batman” Adam West couldn’t hold him off indefinitely, and death is pretty intimidating in his popular “Grim Reaper” incarnation, with black garb, skeletal hands, scythe, and all. This Grim Reaper can even exude a rather impressive black spectral cloud around himself for dramatic effect.

…but when you’re a stuntman, cheating death is what you do; if you want to save 15% or more on your car insurance, switching to Geico is what you do.  So this stuntman racing death cuts out of a race for a bite to eat, and then rides conveyances, rolling out of a cab in time to beat death to the finish line.  Death shrieks his displeasure, but has lost…at least for the moment.  Time, however, is on his side, and the race goes not always to the swift.  Until that time, the Reaper will always have a place at heavy metal concerts…

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7 Comments on “Cheating Death Stuntman…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    One supposedly never fears the Reaper if one eats plenty of blue oysters. 😉

    Seriously, though, when I first saw this commercial, I thought to myself “Why are they doing a commercial about Rosie Ruiz. That cheater’s 15 minutes of fame was 37 years ago!” For those too young to remember, she’s the Cuban-American who crashed the Boston Marathon of 1980. . .less than a mile from the finish line.

    Holy Lance Armstrong, Batman!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Blue oysters, and be members of a cult! SNL fans of the past season will also know that Trump chief advisor Stephen Bannon, in a nice touch, is portrayed as The Reaper. The Dark Dude is definitely in vogue…


      • carycomic Says:

        But, Bannon can never top that now-classic skit where guest host Christopher Lee appeared to Lorraine Newman (playing a grief-stricken little girl saying her bedtime prayers) as “Mr. Death.” All in an effort to explain why he had taken her little dog!


        • carycomic Says:

          Btw: this weekend marks the 70th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold (1915-1984) UFO sightings around Mt. Rainier, Washington. Subsequent news coverage of which first gave us the slang term “flying saucer!”

          Two weeks later, came the first front page story about the Roswell crash…which has overshadowed Ufological folklore ever since.


  2. carycomic Says:

    So you can become a Star Fox, for real?*

    *Video game reference. 😉


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