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Western Kentucky’s “Goatman”

April 23, 2013

goatman– – Seldom are cryptids described as goat-like, but the “Goatman” of Western Kentucky is an exception.  As characterized on the Discovery Channel’s show, Monsters and Mysteries in America, the Goatman is reputed to have hypnotic powers of a sort, to be able to imitate voices, and to entice people to climb the Pope Lick railroad trestle to lure them to their doom.  

The Goatman is reportedly a hybrid creature, part man and part goat who is also associated with Louisiana, Maryland, and Texas.  Urban legends tell of the Goatman killing young lusting couples in parked cars as well as family pets.  Goats have traditionally been associated with Satan and satyrs, and the Goatman as might be expected from such linkage is also reputed to be a bit, heh, horny, breaking into houses and raping the occupants regardless of their sex.  This is not Gabby Goat of Looney Tunes fame, a one-time sidekick of Porky Pig.  Both Goatman and Gabby have an attitude, but that’s as far as the comparison goes.

Accounts of the creation of the Goatman vary, with some describing him as being a sideshow freak escaped from a circus train wreck, another considering him a genetic mutant or experiment, and still another regarding him as the product of a farmer’s unnatural attraction to his livestock…but such stories get my goat, Ahahahaha!

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