Odd Folks Home…


– – The aptly-named reality show Odd Folks Home is a spin-off of the Science Channel show, Oddities.  It tends to feature the most eccentric clients of the Obscura Antiques and Oddities store showcased in the parent show, and viewers are taken into the homes of these people to see their private collections and practices.  Many of these individuals would be at home residing with the Addams Family; there are sword swallowers and fire eaters, and artists who work in such mediums as skulls, animal parts, and human blood.  These people would be fun dates, and indeed one lady screens her men by taking them home to see how they handle such tasks as articulating a cat skeleton.

The show has the perfect host in Edgar Oliver (pictured), a real-life playwright and actor who takes creepiness to an art form.  On the Oddities show, we see him in a state of near ecstasy over the discovery of a straightjacket.  “Are you sitting…comfortably?,”  inquires Edgar of the listening audience on some episodes of Odd Folks, with the perfect facial expressions and hand gestures.- -This guy is a treasure!

You can learn much about the morbid and macabre from this show, and for that reason it’s probably not suitable for young children or the squeamish.  As for me, however, I’m right at home in the Odd Folks Home

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3 Comments on “Odd Folks Home…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    The best treasures, though, are the buried kind.

    [Cue fiendish laughter]



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