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Old Spice’s Wild Collection…

March 21, 2013

wild collection

– – It’s wild, and perhaps a bit crazy…like a fox!  Also like a wolf and a hawk.  Meet the Old Spice Wild Collection, which introduces men’s scents called Wolfthorn, Foxcrest (- -yay!), and Hawkridge.  Now unfortunately (or fortunately), these scents smell nothing like the wild animals that they’re using as mascots, but at least you won’t wind up smelling like stale beer or Axe.  All three scents are available as antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, body sprays, after shave lotions, and cologne sprays.  

Now these scents stay with you, so the commercial for Wolfthorn is narrated by a woman who’s at a high society function when she meets a man who literally comes in with a snarling wolf hanging on each of his shoulders.  “I was afraid, then seduced, then intigued, then in a car,” she relates.  “I never had a chance!,” she concludes as the whistled classic Old Spice theme plays.  The wolf-wearer bears his wolves with him at every step, drives his car with the babe and beasts right through the fancy glass side doors of the society affair, and barrels off into the night with them.- -I do so love a happy ending!

This certainly beats an earlier Old Spice commercial where a sea captain was shown fighting with a squid-like creature on his shoulder…and did I buy Foxcrest? – – Well, what do you think?!

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