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The Lusca…

June 21, 2012

– – I think that the appeal of giant mollusks, cephalopods in particular, is that they are so non-mammalian as to be almost alienAdd to that the reported immensity of the lusca with an 85-foot span, and you have something rather impressive.  

An old episode of Destination Truth (2009) got into the search for a lusca off the Island of Andros in the Bahamas.  “Blue Holes” exist there as openings to a maze of underwater tunnels, with caverns starting at a depth of about 140 feet and diving depths going to around 175 feet.  Chief investigator Josh Gates found area sea captains there reluctant to charter in search of what is essentially a giant octopus, so it became necessary to venture forth in their own boat.  Armed with a FLIR thermal imager, Josh went diving in the murky water and perceived something huge in one cavern that he explored; on the surface, a disturbance was likewise perceived in the water  near the expedition boat.

While nothing further came of the investigation than this, the point was made that the deep tunnels reported to be the lairs of the lusca have never been cataloged, and that such a creature could conceivably exist there…

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