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Postmortem Jellyfish Attack!

July 25, 2010

– – There aren’t many organisms that can continue to inflict harm upon you after death; jellyfish are one of them that can!

A dead jellyfish struck back from beyond at a New Hampshire beach earlier this week, stinging about 150 swimmers from beyond this mortal veil.  The offender was a 50-pound lion’s mane jellyfish “about the size of a turkey platter,” according to one official.  The jellyfish was killed by a lifeguard, but the gelatinous remains then were washed ashore, stinging swimmers as they went.

Nine children were taken to the hospital over concerns that they would have a bad allergic reaction, but no one was seriously injured.  Jellyfish attacks are on the increase due to climate change, decreased competition for food due to overfishing, and nutrient-rich waters caused by pollution such as runoff from farms…

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