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Body Parts Online…

October 24, 2010

– – Did you know it’s legal to buy real plastinated body parts online?–Yuppers, a German anatomist famous for his controversial Body World exhibition is selling both human and animal body parts which have had water and fat replaced with plastic for preservation purposes.   One of the tamer examples of such a process is pictured, but you can get a whole body, torso, or just a head.  For the budget-conscious, transparent body slices are also available…

Only “qualified users” who can provide written proof that they intend to use the parts for research, teaching, or medical purposes can place an order, however.  This doesn’t mean that the general public can’t buy jewelry crafted from animal corpses or reproductions of the real human body parts.- -I swear I am not making this up!

A bit of the ghoulish submitted for your approval as we approach Halloween…

Body Parts Update…

October 26, 2008

–In October over a year ago in a post that has remained strangely popular, I wrote about a New York man who headed up a scheme to plunder cadavers at Philadelphia funeral homes and sell the stolen body parts.  This scheme involved carving up bodies without permission of the families of the deceased and without medical tests.  Authorities say the sometimes diseased parts were then sold for implants and other procedures…truly ghoulish and despicable crimes.

Well, the 45-year-old man involved has been sentenced to 25 to 58 years in prison, with this sentence to run concurrently with an 18-to 54-year prison sentence he received in New York.

“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.  Crime does not pay…the Shadow knows!  –Ahahahahaha!”

Body Parts

October 7, 2007

leg.png   Human body parts are turning up in the strangest places, and just in time for Halloween!  There was a bizarre tale of a guy who bought a grill at auction to find that it contained a severed human leg…the auction winner was charging people to see it!  When the owner of the amputated limb, an accident victim, heard about the leg, he wanted it back so as to someday have it cremated with him.  The auction winner initially resisted this course of action, and litigation ensued.  Well, the biological owner of the limb will be re-united with it!

Then in Philadelphia, some morticians were selling human body tissue such as bone from corpses for surgical implantation without getting permission from the families of the deceasedSeveral hundred cases may be involved.

Pleasant screams, everyone!

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