Demon Panthers; Helicopter Crew Meets UFO; Doppelganger

wpid-wp-1427508717485.jpegThe S3/Ep08 episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America featured a cryptid, an otherworldly encounter, and a paranormal experience, a bit of something for everyone!  In Alexander City in Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest (Devil’s Kitchen sector) lurks a never-identified feline creature, similar to a black panther but at over 9′ in length much larger.  The panther is further extraordinary in that it can apparently appear and disappear.  Accounts of the demon panther date back to the mid-1800’s, with a butler working on the exterior grounds of a mansion reportedly attacked in July of 1917 but the attacker never found.  More recently in fall of 1969, cryptozoology investigator Loren Coleman traveling as a passenger in a car saw a large black panther crossing the road, wishing to exit the vehicle to search for tracks which he was not able to do as his companions wished to leave the vicinity.  A bit later in fall of 1969, Mike Busby was out driving late at night when his car quit, causing him to exit the vehicle to work on the engine.  The panther then pounced on him, and the situation was dire until he went limp and the headlights of another vehicle caused the creature to break off the attack.  Remarkably, the panther was then seen to walk off into the woods on its hind legs! The police thought that the panther was a large wolf, although the victim knew better and suffered a lengthy recovery from the attack…

…there are those that believe that we all have a doppelganger, a “double walker” that is essentially a duplicate of a living person although they are a kind of imperfect evil twin that may be bent on replacing their mainstream version.  Abraham Lincoln supposedly saw a pale and deathly image of himself in a mirror, a vision which his wife interpreted to mean that he would not survive his term of office.  In Oviedo, Florida a family was reportedly invaded in April of 2003 by a duplicate of one 17-year-old daughter which both the girl’s mother and her sister reported seeing.  The duplicate could supposedly open doors and perform actions in the physical world.  The doppelganger even appeared to the young woman at work, and to the mother at home after the daughter had gone off to college…creepy, huh?

Lastly, an incident was covered in Louisville, Kentucky where two air police officers in a helicopter were pursued by a UFO in February of 1993.  The supposedly alien craft circled and chased the hopelessly outmatched helicopter, eventually shooting three fireballs at them which required emergency evasive action.  The UFO was described as moving quickly with no visible means of propulsion, and it vanished following the encounter.  Two police officers on the ground also reportedly saw the strange craft but were unable to pursue it.  The segment also touched upon a January of 1948 incident when planes unsuccessfully chased UFO’s, as well as a 1955 encounter when a family saw small alien creatures outside of their farmhouse, later finding glowing material left on the ground. – – Where is Fox Mulder when we need him?!


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4 Comments on “Demon Panthers; Helicopter Crew Meets UFO; Doppelganger”

  1. Gatekeeper Says:

    Love the series


    • carycomic Says:

      With regard to the first segment? It sounds like some people have been reading one too many reprints of White Wolf Games “Bastet Handbook” (which includes a were-leopard tribe called the Bagheera). As for the third segment? Nothing can outmatch the creepiness of that classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode about the parallel universers who play malicious mischief on their innocent bus-riding look-alikes.*

      *In this case, Martin Milner and (I think) Vera Miles.

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