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Retro Virtual Dance Party Time!

April 14, 2020

Uh-oh! Maybe it was too much social distancing and face masks, but we’ve gone stir crazy here, and are bringing you our first ever Foxsylvania virtual 1960’s dance party from the 1965-66 series Hullabaloo, and we’ll even throw in a young Jerry Lewis as a guest star!

So just grab your Beatle boots, mini-skirts, and Go-Go girls in cages, and get set to wow the world with your hot moves and fashions!- -Wouldn’t that be groovy!¬† ūü¶ä

Camping with Flo’s Family…

May 6, 2016

I’d probably feel strangely at home with the commercial family of Flo from Progressive Insurance; there’s not a normal person among them. ¬†Take sister Janice, for example; she’s so bored camping that (in her own words) she’s dead! ¬†Who among us has not shared that sentiment at a family gathering, at least some of the time? ¬†Then there’s Mom, as cheerfully upbeat as always. ¬†She thinks camping with the family (“Fampling”) is the greatest thing since S’mores! Grandpa is swatting bugs and trying to enjoy peace and quiet; that doesn’t mean talking, and disappointing him more! ¬†Flo’s brother and sister are tormenting one another (“I hate it wherever you are!”) while Dad appears too liberal with lighting fluid at the grill. ¬†

Flo as usual is surreal in her spotless and wrinkle-free white uniform that she wears everywhere, complete with name tag, ever a fish out of water as she babbles about insurance…and by the way, it takes an hour to do Flo’s retro hairstyle for these commercials, and another hour to apply her make-up. ¬†Beauty is hard work, apparently…

Progressive’ s “Flo’s Family”

December 6, 2014



Many of us suffer through the holiday gatherings of our dysfunctional families.¬† It can then be strangely comforting to view the mouth-fighting, absurdities, and friction crackling through the air at meal gatherings of Flo’s Family, she of Progressive Insurance fame.¬† While Flo is strangely disquieting and surreal, the viewer emerges from such commercials with a better understanding of the family dynamics which produced her, and indeed may feel oddly sympathetic. ¬†Flo has actually done remarkably well for herself, considering her background. ¬†This is the family from hell, and perhaps we may see a bit of our own in it.

Actress Stephanie Courtney plays six roles in a number of spots, including Flo, Janice, Todd, Diane, Dad, and Grandpa. ¬†Most of the commercials are a mere half minute long, but in some such as¬†Creative Thanksgiving, the ads expand to about two minutes, providing a kind of mini sitcom. ¬†Flo’s relentlessly cheerful mother Diane announces that the family is having a “creative” Thanksgiving, which amounts to a euphemism for crazy. ¬†Instead of a traditional turkey, Mom has made turkey balls, turkey burgers, turkey rolls, turkey sliders, and so on. ¬†Eyeing a turkey ball with toothpick on his plate, Grandpa complains, “What is this? The Great Depression?!,”¬†crying out to Flo as “Nurse!” ¬†She does look like one, as Flo dresses in her white Progressive uniform every day. ¬†Sister Janice proclaims that this constant attire is an insult to her creativity. ¬†“Well, they were all out of tube tops at the gas station,”¬†retorts Flo. ¬†Dad ventures that he gets creative in where he leaves his socks. ¬†“What’s a man gotta do to get a hot plate around here?!,”¬†complains Grandpa. ¬†Crazy stuff…err, I mean¬†creative!

And so it goes…funny thing is, this would be a better sitcom than half of those currently on television! ¬†

Bad Little Children’s Books…

April 27, 2013

cyclops– – From the 1940’s through the 1960’s, bright and cheerful books featuring caucasian children, middle-class families, and wholesome animals were sold by Little Golden Books and related publishers with titles such as, The Pokey Little Puppy or Baby’s Toys.¬† They were often the first reading material that kids of that time experienced, or the first books that they owned.¬† Prices were unbelievable by today’s standards; perhaps 25 cents gradually creeping higher.

Well, artist Bob Staake has created a series of books inspired by such classic kiddie reading material, but with a darker satirical twist that makes these books distinctly not for the young and innocent; these are titles such as, Mommy Needs To Go To Detox, or¬†If You Give A Cyclops A Kitten.¬† The cover art is dead-on.- –Why didn’t they have books like this when I was a kid?!

Also recommended:¬† Bedtime Stories for Children You Hate by Antoinette Bergin, with stories such as, Your Upstairs Neighbor Kills People…pleasant screams, kiddies, ahahahaha!

Twinkie Termination?!

November 18, 2012

– – For better or worse, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Twinkies made me what I am today.¬† Although the humble yet iconic snack treat has been around since 1930, their maker, Hostess, plans to go out of business, selling off its snack cake and bread brands.¬† So as if losing Twinkies wasn’t bad enough, we are also going to lose Wonder Bread, Ho Ho’s,¬†Sno Balls, and Ding Dongs…this is a heavy blow!

Assorted Hostess products have been around since 1888, but the company hadn’t invested heavily in innovation and marketing strategies, struggling also with debt, management changes, union issues, and healthier eating habits.¬† The price of the beloved snacks has skyrocketed on secondary markets such as eBay as of late, but we can always hope that another corporation will pick up the product line…perhaps Twinkie the Kid will yet live on!¬†

Over A Quarter Million Served!

November 15, 2011


– – Sweet fancy Moses, we’ve now had in excess of 250,000 hits here on little ole Foxsylvania!¬† Thank you, esteemed readers, for enabling us to reach this milestone for this quirky little blog, where we endeavor to be, still crazy after all these years!

It’s The Big One!

March 28, 2011

– -Well, we’ve made it to 200,000 hits here on little ole Foxsylvania…a far cry from the days when I was getting perhaps seven hits a day, and almost gave up on this blog!¬†¬† Now I’m committed…or perhaps I should be!

What can I say?–Thank you guys so very much!!!

Every Picture Tells A Story…

January 17, 2011

The hunter grinned complacently with his trophy, unaware that the panther was soon to avenge the death of his friend, the elk…

…human cruelty was legendary, and it would go hard but the feline would better the instruction…

Let’s Roll, Kato!

January 13, 2011

– – I was enjoying the Syfy channel’s marathon on the classic 1966-67 The Green Hornet tv series which aired in my area Tuesday night.- -Yes, I enjoyed it…and yes, I do need to get a life!

Unlike the far more successful Adam West Batman series of the same time period, the Green Hornet was not intended to be high camp, and may have failed for that reason as well as for its lack of wildly outrageous villains which helped make Batman memorable.

While hokey, contrived, and dated by today’s standards, The Green Hornet tv series can still be appreciated on a variety of levels, most notably for Bruce Lee’s Kato and the fight scenes.¬† While Van Williams as The Green Hornet tended to throw haymakers at his opponents until they collapsed, Lee’s Kato launched devastating precision martial arts attacks, at times effortlessly decking multiple opponents.¬† He was the real deal as well, and The Green Hornet served to introduce Lee to an American audience, foreshadowing roles where he wouldn’t have to play a valet.

With its 1960’s hairstyles, clothing, and vehicles I’ve accordingly got a soft spot for the old series, and it was good to see it taken out of mothballs in anticipation of the upcoming The Green Hornet movie.¬† I wish them well, and may they be worthy of their heritage!

Happy, Happy!

January 1, 2011

– – My mother used to eat pickled herring on New Year’s Eve, possibly thinking that if she did that, nothing worse would happen to her in the upcoming year.– -But whatever your tradition, may your 2011 be a healthy and happy year!

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