– – People with entirely too much time on their hands have always found something to do, often by inventing fads or trends, for example cow-tipping or planking.  One of the latest ones is simply called Batmanning, and it basically involves hanging upside down by one’s feet from a door, bar, gate, ledge, or whatever.  It may be done by individuals alone, or in a group of any size as illustrated here. 

To hang like a bat requires a fair degree of athletic and acrobatic skill to say nothing of lower-body strength.  We do not recommend that you try this, or you may experience Emergency Rooming

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4 Comments on “Batmanning…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think the term was coined in reference to the first of the WBatman movies, starring Michael Keaton. The scene where he’s made love to Kim Basinger (as Vicki Vale) has thrown Bruce Wayne’s usual Bat-schedule for a loop. So, to regain his circadian rhythm, he puts on gravity boots to hang upside-down, and let the blood rush “therapeutically” to his head.


  2. carycomic Says:

    So, there’s no way you’ll EVER be a…flying fox?


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