Camping with Flo’s Family…

I’d probably feel strangely at home with the commercial family of Flo from Progressive Insurance; there’s not a normal person among them.  Take sister Janice, for example; she’s so bored camping that (in her own words) she’s dead!  Who among us has not shared that sentiment at a family gathering, at least some of the time?  Then there’s Mom, as cheerfully upbeat as always.  She thinks camping with the family (“Fampling”) is the greatest thing since S’mores! Grandpa is swatting bugs and trying to enjoy peace and quiet; that doesn’t mean talking, and disappointing him more!  Flo’s brother and sister are tormenting one another (“I hate it wherever you are!”) while Dad appears too liberal with lighting fluid at the grill.  

Flo as usual is surreal in her spotless and wrinkle-free white uniform that she wears everywhere, complete with name tag, ever a fish out of water as she babbles about insurance…and by the way, it takes an hour to do Flo’s retro hairstyle for these commercials, and another hour to apply her make-up.  Beauty is hard work, apparently…

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8 Comments on “Camping with Flo’s Family…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    She could go for a separate outing with Jan and Lily. The former could supply the transportation (like a Toyota Highlander, maybe). While the latter could get proper directions with the GPS app of her cellphone!.


    • carycomic Says:

      Flo: “I want to drive the Highlander, first!”

      Lily: “No, I wanna!!”

      Jan (drawing samurai sword): “When it comes to driving this Toyota…there can be only one!!!”


      • vulpesffb Says:

        Now I like this turn of events, and it might serve as a launching point for a “Flo’s Family” series…I’d pull up a chair to watch!

        Additional thought; I’ve long suspected that Flo is not fully human. I think that she might be some kind of trans-dimensional being or alien intelligence who is observing humanity by living among us and impersonating the human form, although imperfectly…


  2. carycomic Says:

    Hence, the Highlander pun. with the first two comments. 🙂


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