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The Unexplained Files…

August 29, 2013

20130829-074934.jpg  — The Unexplained Files, a new show on the paranormal, aired on the Discovery Science channel in my area August 28th. Running an hour, the series debut was comprised of two half hour segments which essentially represented territory previously covered elsewhere, one a pilot disappearance following his UFO report, and the second a summary of some Chupacabra sightings in Texas…

The UFO segment involved the disappearance of a young pilot in a small plane in Australia in 1978 following his radio reporting of being buzzed by an unidentified aircraft; no wreckage was ever found. The transmission ended with a metallic buzzing sound, with the inference made that an alien abduction occurred at that point of both pilot and plane. Pilot error has been officially ruled as the reason for the disappearance, although family and expert opinion were presented during the segment indicating that the pilot was not suicidal, and that the aircraft piloted would not long function if flown, say, upside down. The pilot’s transmission to a ground controller lasted for about seven minutes, however, and while agitated the pilot appeared rational and coherent, his last words rather disturbing, to the effect saying that what was hovering about him wasn’t an aircraft…(Twilight Zone theme plays)

Next came the Chupacabra stories, including footage shot through a deputy’s window as he pursued a canid creature with an elongated head and snout. There were also interviews with the woman possessing an alleged corpse, with independent DNA testing of the same matching no known species; the usual “coyote with mange” official explanations were given, although animals so afflicted are quite sick, and usually wouldn’t be expected to keep ahead of a jeep which pursued one at 45 mph over rough territory in another occurrence reported…the things are breeding, too, with pups seen along with adults. Don’t look to adopt one at PetSmart any time soon, however…

While this new series I found somewhat weak and drawn out, hounds of the paranormal are eager for anything that they can find these days.  Couldn’t they have gotten into more current mysteries, however…like what the deuce happened to Miley Cyrus?!  Anyways, next week’s episodes will reportedly include cattle mutilations; now that’s something I can really get my teeth into, ahahahaha!


Significant UFO Sighting

November 4, 2008

tinley-park-ufo–Over Tinley Park in Illinois in August of 2004 occurred a UFO sighting regarded as one of the best documented sightings ever.  The phenomenon was witnessed by hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, and 25-30 videos of the event exist. Seen were lights in a triangular formation.

The official explanation that the lights were “flares attached to balloons” seems especially lame…

Big Texas UFO Seen By Dozens

January 16, 2008

ufo.jpg — In Stephenville, Texas a big UFO has recently been seen this month by dozens of people, including a pilot, a county constable, and several businessmen…not nut jobs.  The sucker seen was described as about a mile  long and half a mile wide, perfectly silent, and seamless…aliens don’t make junk!  It was moving about 300 feet above a field.

I wish they’d come and take me…I’m ready to go! 

Sky Squid?

January 11, 2008

cropped-rod.jpgrodspic.jpg — They’ve been called “rods” for want of a better term, but they are cylindrical flying UFO’s that have unintentionally appeared in some photographs since 1910. Some think that they are life forms from a 4th dimension; others that they are a new type of cephalopod related to squid that uses jet propulsion, perhaps born in the sea and living in the sky. Or they may just be photographic artifacts…

I want to believe in them as transdimensional beings, but they are probably tricks of film and light…

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