“The Hell Hound” on “Terror in the Woods”

The Hell Hound episode of “Terror in the Woods” (S1/Ep9) wasn’t the kind of hell hound that I had been expecting.  In fact, at first I was wondering if the episode bore the wrong label, or if the hell hound would show up in a second segment.  To me, what was presented was more of a shadow person, restless spirit, haunting, or possession-type case, none of which represent my usual territory…

…at any rate, the dark, full hour-long story concerned a woman called Amy who in May of 2016 went on a ghost-hunting expedition with a number of others to an abandoned prison (also described as a hospital) situated outside of Columbus, Ohio. where over 300 died in a large fire in 1930.  She described a feeling of eyes upon her as she entered the building, and felt uncomfortable.  Although a person fascinated by the paranormal, Amy’s feelings turned from excitement to fear.  In one cell, she reported encountering a featureless, dark shadow of which she snapped a picture that later did reveal an image.  Amy fled the hospital and returned to the isolated cottage in the woods where she resided with her husband and a dog, Jake.

The week after the incident, Amy’s husband, normally a skeptic on paranormal matters, heard a raspy voice in his ear telling him to kill himself.  The family dog whined and sat at the bedroom doorway, refusing to cross the threshold.  Unnerving events continued for months thereafter, and Amy dreamed of seeing a featureless dark shape in the corner of the bedroom that slowly moved towards her.  The day after, she found bruises on the top part of her legs that looked like finger marks.  Due to recurrent vivid nightmares, Amy became afraid of going to sleep.  The dog “Jake” would apparently perceive the entity, which the woman described as being a “hell hound.”  Research performed by the woman suggested that seeing such a creature meant that you were about to die.  Others reportedly had also seen black dogs in the prison visited.

One day Amy found her dog lying outside, unable to move.  She apparently had a nasty dream prior to this of finding the dog eviscerated in the woods with the dark entity nearby.  Taking the dog to the vet, they found it to have a spinal condition which prevented use of its rear legs, and had the animal euthanized.  Although the dog was eleven years old, Amy blamed herself for his death, or rather thought that the entity that latched onto her in the prison was responsible.  Three months transpired from the time of the prison visitation and subsequent nightmares until the dog’s demise.  The once skeptical husband had come to believe that something malevolent had attached itself to his wife, and followed her home from the prison.  The woman warned people to be careful if they went looking for something because they might find it, and it might not be what they had expected…  

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6 Comments on ““The Hell Hound” on “Terror in the Woods””

  1. vulpesffb Says:

    “Waiter, I expected a right proper mythological hellhound! A mere fiendish person simply won’t do!”


    • carycomic Says:

      P.S.—I don’t know if this postscript will automatically be detected as “new mail.” But, it seemed more appropriate to leave it here rather than under the Fleecy T-Manatees. I saw last night’s new episode of THE X-FILES v.2 (“Familiar”). And, it dealt with this crypto-zoological anomaly possibly being the real culprit behind two missing child tragedies!

      That, alone, made it a vast improvment over last week’s snooze fest about tip-addicted e-waiters.


  2. carycomic Says:

    2nd p.s.—I know it’s spelled “improvement.” But, I felt like I was watching an improv mime routine from a couple of low-budget, no-talent Shields & Yarnell impersonators!


  3. Diane Jackson Says:

    I think it was your fault, Amy. I would not have put my dog in that much danger. You must have known what would happen. He is a beautiful dog.


  4. jennamay331 Says:

    I agree with the other viewer…if I waa having nightmares/premonitions etc and had one of something happening to my dog I WOULD NOT LET MY DOG OUT WITHOUT BEING IN A LEASH WITH ME !! I wouldn’t go into the woods either!!
    It definitely is your fault Amy! I’m sorry but you could have stopped it! Jake would have still been here (or at least a few years more) but you were so worried about YOU that poor Jake paid the price!


  5. Hannah Dennis Says:

    these comments are disgusting. everything that is wrong with society. I’m looking for her contact information. She needs to know that it’s not her fault. The entity she came in contact with thrives off of death. That’s why she found it where she did. It followed her home because it could sense the death of her dog coming. The dog was old and I know the spinal cord injury was sudden, which is uncommon, but that wasn’t because of the entity. The entity just wanted to be there to feel the death.


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