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Furry Tattoos

June 18, 2008

left-arm-fox2–A fair number of folks have animal tattoos; even former Secretary of State George Shultz was reputed to have a tattoo of a tiger on his, err…behind. Statistically, about 18% of males have a tattoo. For those of us who are furry, a tattoo of one’s inner species has deeper, more profound significance. It is not only permanent jewelry, but an exterior manifestation of one’s inner self.

I have furry tattoos, and regret none of them. If you aspire to a furry tattoo, remember that it is permanent, unless you undergo expensive and painful laser removal. As with something permanent, consider whether you will still consider yourself furry in a few years; I’m furry for life, and hopefully thereafter!  Consider the location of your tattoo; upper arm tattoos, for example, can be hidden in most attire. By all means, have the tattoo done by someone who knows what they are doing, is a competent artist,  and has safe and sterile practices.  If you can’t afford to have a quality tattoo done now, save up and wait until you can!

That all being said, if you’re furry and you know it, then your hide can really show it!

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