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“Mongo-D” for Short…

May 8, 2011

 – – I, for one, find it easy to obsess over Mongolian Death Worms;  they are reputedly large,  homicidal red worms that spew fiery acid, burrow in one of the world’s largest and coldest deserts,  can reportedly electrocute unlucky things like camels and goat-herders from a distance, and for a finale, explode when they get angry! –What’s not to like, Mongo-D has it all!

Certain aspects of the biology of the Mongolian Death Worm are not unfamiliar; big worms are not uncommon, with Australia hosting earthworms that can reach five foot lengths.  Spitting acid is also fairly common among arthropods, to say nothing of my former supervisors.  Intestinal worms can also bring down an animal, although they need to be inside it to perform that feat.  It’s when you combine all of these attributes that you get a really cool, otherworldly-type of cryptid!

The subject of investigations by Destination Truth and even National Geographic,  the Mongolian Death Worm has never been found, leaving us only with eyewitness testimonies about them and at least one really bad movie…

Mongolian Death Worms!

September 4, 2008

— Hehe, Mongolian Death Worms are cryptids reported to exist in the Gobi desert of Mongolia.  They are supposedly two to five feet long (not as big as a sand worm from Dune), reddish in color, and kinda look like intestines.  More intriguingly, they are said to be able to spit sulfuric acid, and can kill at distances by electrocution!Gotta get me some of these puppies for my backyard!

The most recent expedition in search of these creepy-crawlies was conducted by the reality TV series Destination Truth in 2006-07.  This show would appear to be the SciFi channel’s answer to the History Channel’s MonsterQuestIn searching the Gobi Desert at night for the Death Worms, they found a tunnel of some sort on the sand. As this might be the lair of a creature that can spit sulfuric acid and electrocute prey, the intrepid investigators did what any of us would do…they plunged their arms into the presumed worm hole! Soil from these holes tested normal rather than acidic…

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