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Doomsday Reprieve?

December 4, 2011

 – – Alright, it looks like you may be able to relax a bit on December 21, 2012 after all!   That was supposedly the date when the Mayan Long Count calendar ran out, and all heck was supposed to break loose, culminating in the end of the world as we know it or hopefully at least of Facebook

Anyways, never mind!  A revisionist Mayan archaeology expert,  Sven Gronemeyer, says that his interpretation of certain hieroglyphs on a 1,300 year old  stone tablet found at Tortuguero in the Mexican province of Tabasco indicates that the 12/21/2012 date indicates the reappearance on Earth of the Mayan god of creation and war, Bolon Yokte, who will usher in a new  era on the planet, but not necessarily a destructive one.

That’s certainly a load off my mind!  I plan on putting together a nice fruit basket for the returning god, and then maybe we can organize a friendly soccer game or something…

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