– – Sadly, fox hunting is popular in the farming region of Belarus that borders Poland.  It came to pass there in January that a hunter shot a poor fox from a distance, and then approached planning to bludgeon the fox to death with the butt of his rifle…swell “sport,” huh?

The fox, however, fiercely resisted these plans, scuffling although wounded with the mighty hunter and managing to pull the trigger on the hunter’s gun with his paw, shooting the 40-year-old man in the leg!   The fox then made good his escape, and the hunter wound up in the hospital.

Now that’s wily, and what I call poetic justice!

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2 Comments on “Outfoxed!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Who knows? Maybe that fox was really the Central European version of the huldra. A figure of Norse mythology roughly similar to the kitsune (or fox-maiden) of Japanese folklore.


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