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Undershirts Soft As Kittens!

March 29, 2013

hanes_kittens – – Many of us like to hug kittens, but would you like to wear them?- -Not as skins, heaven forbid, but as living, moving creatures?  It would be unnatural, and possibly a bit surreal if not creepy.  Then you’d probably pick up a lot of cat hair, and what if one of them had to pee or poop?  Many would be the problems of a kitten shirt, not to be confused with a hair shirt, worn in the Middle Ages to mortify the flesh, which is not an idea much in vogue in contemporary society…

…well, hair shirts were worn intentionally to be uncomfortable, and the idea of this commercial for Hanes ComfortBlend T-shirts and underwear is that they’re as soft or next best to being covered with luxurious kitten fur.  To drive home that point, we are shown a man wearing a digitally-enhanced shirt of many kittens, and they don’t seem to be overly-distressed by being worn, moving slightly and mewing independently.  The kitten-shirt wearing man doesn’t seem to be getting much support on his attire from his friends, so he taps Hanes spokesman Michael Jordan for his opinion.  Michael doesn’t seem to think much of kitten shirts either, and you can bet that PETA would be of the same frame of mind.

While cat-friendly, I doubt I’d like a kitten shirt, as well.  Now if you’d care to cover me with Catwoman, however, that’s another matter entirely…

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