Geico’s Little “Piggy!”

– – It’s a twisted world after all, and Geico has the perfect commercial to commemorate this fact; called “Piggy,” it puts a twist on the old nursery rhyme about the little piggy who cried “Wee!  Wee!  Wee!  all the way home.”

Leaning out of a back window of an SUV,  this little piggy does just that, much to the chagrin of an annoyed and weary mother and her son.  He even holds two pinwheels out of the window as he does it!  Not to worry, though…the piggy’s wearing his seatbelt! When this ultimate annoying rider makes it home, he declares “Oh, cool!,” and thanks his ride. Viewable on YouTube and many other sites, and well worth a look…

By the way, the pig’s name is “Maxwell,” and the long-suffering driver is “Mrs. A”…

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6 Comments on “Geico’s Little “Piggy!””

  1. Hi! Mother Hen here!
    Naturally, this is one of Mother H’s favorite commercials of all time. How often does one get to see a dear childhood friend make good on national television?
    (Dear Maxwell always was a bit on the small side, but call him a runt and…well, MH has seen Mother Sow scramble more than a few chickens’ eggs and make them say “Wee, wee ,wee,” all the way home.)
    The ladies of the coop salute you, Max!
    (Please send a note to your Mother by Pigeon Express Overnight Delivery, though, dear boy. Your mother worries so!)
    With stars in her eyes,
    Mother Hen
    Vice-President of the Maxwell Fan Club
    Coop Division


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I could be wrong, but I think I see star potential in little Maxwell! Geico commercial characters have become wildly popular before (most notably the Cavemen), but they couldn’t weather the transition to a regular television series. In Maxwell, we may be seeing a breakout character, a crossover hit, a spin-off who might conceivably and seamlessly bridge the gap between the furry world and mainstream society.–Will Maxwell be “The One?”–Time will tell! 😉


    • carycomic Says:

      But, the lady who was driving Maxell in _her_ coupe will definitely _never_ salute him!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Maxwell tries it, and he’s gonna have an apple shoved into his _mouth_…on Waikiki Beach!


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