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The Lake Murray Monster…

December 12, 2013

Lake Murray

– – A recent episode of Haunted Highway on the Syfy channel sent the two-person investigative team of Devin and Jael to Lake Murray in South Carolina in the U.S. This large lake, ranging in depths of over 200 feet, has had accounts dating back to the 1930’s of a large, unidentified aquatic creature about 40 to 60 feet long with a snake-like body and scales the size of a hand. Many reported appearances of the beast have been with accompanying acts of aggression towards the observers, including boats being struck. It is considered a kind of cousin to the Loch Ness monster, and is nicknamed “Messie.”

Taking a boat out into the lake, the investigative team saw a large shadow in the water which disappeared. They then went to Dreher Island in the lake, where something struck the boat hard enough to shake it. The team then went for a night dive off Dreher Island, although the murkiness of the lake limited visibility to several feet under water. A “Deep Trekker” camera was later sent underwater, loosing its video feed at one point, but later resuming it to capture a blurry image of something large moving through the water. An expert later consulted by the team regarded the image captured to be that of a large sturgeon.

Some eyewitnesses reported having seen the Lake Murray beast over the years, with those who maintain having seen it in an incident about two years ago describing it as definitely not looking like an eel or a sturgeon…so as with so many similar cases, the Lake Murray Monster remains elusive, and the current investigation report was inconclusive…


June 27, 2013

Hellhounds– – Hellhounds as profiled on Syfy’s “Haunted Highway” show in a 2012 episode are supposedly the spirits of vicious dogs that were once abused by miners in the El Dorado Canyon in Nevada; attributed to be horse-high and razor-fanged,  they were sought by investigators Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman in the vicinity of the abandoned Knob Hill mine. 

A remote control car with a camera attachment was originally sent into the mine, but it malfunctioned, necessitating that the researchers enter the mine personally.  One supposedly summons such hellhounds by rattling a chain, and darned if they didn’t do just that, and to no effect; a lamp set upon a boulder to light their way back had been upset, however, by an unknown force.   A heat signature image of some kind of canine was earlier captured, which a consulted biologist upon reviewing the thermal footage contended could easily have been a coyote…others say it was a trained German Shepherd!  An EVP recording of a strange growling sound was also obtained, but overall the study was inconclusive.

I like the idea of terrifying spectral demon dogs, and we remember that hellhounds were among the monsters most feared by “Supernatural’s” Sam and Dean Winchester..

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