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Fishy, Fishy…

February 19, 2013

cabin– – When an asteroid passes within a cosmic whisker of Earth and a meteorite smashes down in the former Soviet Union, one might not be totally surprised that small, plaque-mounted anthropomorphic fish are becoming more vocal than humans.  In a variant of the McDonald’s Fish McBites commercial, we again visit with the young gentleman in the checked plaid shirt, this time in a beautiful, wood-paneled cabin.

Two young women enter the cabin through the door and see the young guy feeding his face.  “Hey, what are those?,” asks one of the women, clearly no more of a Rhodes scholar than the guy.  Fortunately, the fish themselves are well-able to answer her query, with one responding and then the group of mounted fish launching into a rhythmic cadence of “Fishy, fishy!- – Fish, fish McBites!- -McBites!”  Soon all of the trio are munching away on the item, with the guy saying not a word during the whole commercial, even to the women…

…and I thought that fish were reputed to be “brain food!”   articulate fish



McDonald’s Fish McBites “Fish Plaque”

February 14, 2013

Fish McBites– – Something’s fishy here!  A few years back in 2009, McDonald’s produced an irritatingly memorable singing fish commercial, with the fish modeled after the singing “Billy Bass” novelty item, an electronic mounted fish that sang and moved about on its mounting.  It was the kind of thing that you got tired of after seeing about twice.  The earlier McDonald’s fish commercial could haunt you.  “Gimme back that Filet of Fish, give me that fish!,” sang the McDonald’s spokes-fish.  It took me some time to get that commercial out of my head…(shudders!)

…and what could be more memorable than a singing fish on a plaque?- -How about fifteen minnow-sized fish on a plaque, all singing together to sell you McDonald’s Fish McBites, now available for only a dollar, and for a limited time only!   “Fishy, fishy!,” they sing while a guy in a checked flannel shirt stands there with his mouth open holding a dollar…the fish, they’re back, and are multiplying!

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