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Viva the Kraken!

April 15, 2010

– – I’m a sucker for mythology with the usual elements of  ultraviolence and the bizarre thrown in, so Clash of the Titans is my kinda thing.  The 1981 original didn’t exactly enjoy cult status, but was kind of a campy classic, even boasting Laurence Olivier as Zeus, a mechanical owl called Bubo, and stop action special effects that were all that was available at the time.   If you allowed yourself,  you could still have a lot of fun with this film, cheesiness and all.

Reviews haven’t been overly positive for the re-make which I have yet to see, with many faulting the dialogue, character motivation, and general lack of humor in the film, which was hastily re-made in 3D.   The Kraken is eventually released and visually impressive, reminding me however of the toothy Langoliers creatures from Stephen King.   Some have preferred the battle sequence with the gorgon Medusa depicted in Titans… but it’s all good!

…So pass the popcorn, will ‘ya?

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