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Another Ogopogo Sighting?

November 11, 2011

 – – There are large, blurry, out-of-focus monsters out there stalking the landscape!  One is Ogopogo, Canada’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, sightings of which have been reported since at least the 19th century by thousands.- -Well, a man visiting British Columbia’s Lake Okanagan has recently filmed a 30-second video which shows…gasp!…two long ripples in the water in a seemingly deserted area of the lake!  The man making the video notes that what was shown in the footage was not a wave but was of a darker color, and that it did not move parallel with the waves.

Now Ogopogo is most commonly described as a 40- to 50-foot-long sea serpent, sometimes seen with humps, which is believed to have its origins in legends of native Canadian Indian folklore.  The name “ogopogo” originates from a 1924 English music hall song called, “The Ogo-Pogo:  The Funny Fox Trot,” an apparent disparaging reference to my dancing ability. Despite a number of high-tech searches of  Lake Okanagan by submarines and other underwater gadgets, no evidence of Ogopogo has ever been found.   Lake Okanagan does, however, have tens of thousands of  submerged logs floating just under its surface, and most sightings are attributed to misidentified logs or common animals such as otters.  So color me skeptical, but the notion of a residential monster is extremely cool…

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