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“Bolt” the Dog Shines in VW Game Day Commercial!

February 5, 2012

 – – He’s a portly poochie, the St. Bernard-Australian Shepherd mix who we first see unable to fit through the pet door at his home.  Like Rocky before him, this dog changes things around by training hard if unconventionally, running up and down stairs, dragging weights around, hitting a treadmill, and even swimming laps at his Pasadena home. 

Finally trim and fit, our dog succeeds not only in making it through the pet portal, but also looks good as he keeps pace with a redesigned red Volkswagen Beetle!  Volkswagen hasn’t abandoned its Star Wars theme, however; the final 15 seconds of the commercial shift to the Cantina previously introduced in Star Wars Episode IV, with Darth Vader even making a special appearance!

We won’t dwell on that, however, in favor of mentioning that our canine hero actually donned a “fat suit” in order to appear heftier prior to his depicted physical transformationand Bolt the dog has already shot a TV pilot, with the proposed show called, “Scent of the Missing.”  If the show gets picked up, Bolt plays a dog who uses his nose to find missing people…

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