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Ordeal of the Aflac Duck…

January 20, 2013

Aflec duck– – The Aflac Duck had seemed almost indestructible up to this point…after all, he’s been bonked by soccer balls, whacked with logs, singed by flames, and even dropped into the Grand Canyon.  Now the daredevil duck has suffered the unthinkable, involved in an undisclosed accident with ensuing injuries to his wing and beak!  In a new series of television commercials, a “doctor” discusses the duck’s disaster in front of reporters, and we only see the familiar fowl as a small fixed image on the screen. 

The campaign is to illustrate that if the iconic duck can run afoul of fate, anyone can get hurt.  Of course, his Aflac insurance is going to take care of the hospitalized duck’s expenses.- -What else is he gonna do, put them on his bill?!

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