The POM Worry Monsters…

I’m no stranger to Worry Monsters; we’re intimate associates, actually. It’s just that I never imagined them looking quite as they are depicted in commercials for POM Wonderful juices. Managing to look both disturbingly human and grotesquely cute at the same time, these monsters look like rejected prototypes from a Disney/Pixar movie, or perhaps toys for children that you hate. They’re covered in pastel-colored fur, have distorted or exaggerated facial features, and monster appendages like horns and pointy ears. There are scarier monsters in real life American politics, nudge-nudge, wink-wink!

The underlying notion seems to be that as you get older you worry more about your health, so you turn more to things like running in the case of the male profiled, or yoga in the case of the female. But if you drink POM Wonderful juice that boasts ingredients like pomegranate juice, you’ll worry less about your health, and your Worry Monsters won’t be either as bothersome or as potent. The blue furry monster pursuing “Jake” in our commercial is winded, not able to keep up with his running, and the only fear that he can cast to his charge is over chafing. “Julie’s” purple-hued yoga monster bewails the fact that she can’t spend quality time pouring over the Internet with her host over diseases that she might have. These are ineffective, underutilized monsters with issues, you see. Perhaps they need to see Dr. Phil; that might make for memorable viewing…

…one might fantasize about the Mountain Monsters crew plugging one of these critters during a search for Bigfoot; heck, they’d probably wear their hide as a vest to the hoots of their fellows over the pastel shades. And when it comes to inner demons, I’ve stopped fighting with mine…we’re on the same team, now! So eliminate those free radicals, people, and remember to VOTE! It’s never been more important…

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7 Comments on “The POM Worry Monsters…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    My worry-monster keeps me paranoically wondering: “What if basic black leotards with matching tights go out of style, again?” You see, I was overjoyed when Beyonce made those particular women’s exercise outfits fashionable, again. But, now, you’ve got all these health nuts adopting tank tops and stretch pants that, in plus-sized guys like me, would cut off all oxygen from our lungs!

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  2. carycomic Says:

    More like Dr. Zachary Smith’s self-diagnosis.

    “Oh, the pain! The pain!”


  3. carycomic Says:

    Btw: I finally got to see the Robitussin Honey Bear and Yoga Worry Monster commercials. If those two got married, do you think they’d be the parents of a…Yoga Bear?


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