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–Food Fight!

March 26, 2010

– – Now this is disturbing, not that the Burger King isn’t;   food which fights back as people attempt to eat it! The new Grey’s campaign for Tums features furious and funny food fights (– -Holy alliteration, Batman!) that are tamed only by the fast-acting antacid!  Talk about food coming back on you…

There are three spots, in one of which a spicy chicken wing whacks its would-be consumer repeatedly across the face, complete with kung fu movie sound effects!  The guy winds  up with his face liberally decorated with barbecue sauce…PETA would love this!   Another spot features tacos of terror…(of course, tacos and other foods have been known to come back for another round the next day!)

Tums, not surprisingly, takes the fight out of the pugilistic entrees.  (–Imagine a classic martial arts film on G4 or the like in which Bruce Lee enters a Kentucky Fried Chicken and challenges to take on any poultry wing in the place!- -Or perhaps,  Night of the Living Dead Shrimp!) This does, however, add new meaning to the warning to watch what you eat…be afraid, be very afraid!    😉

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