Car Seat Headrest, a “Furry Adjacent” Band…

I had earlier posted on Here Come The Mummies, a band whose members perform swaddled in mummy wrappings. We now highlight Car Seat Headrest, an indie rock band whose frontman Will Toledo is a furry who on his recent concert tour sometimes performed in a modified fursuit as his character, Mortis Jackrabbit…

Now the band Car Seat Headrest is described as “furry adjacent,” as in not totally furry, but next to furry, with their Twin Fantasy album featuring furry art of two canids hugging, and the album dedicated to “nervous young inhumans”with a cut by the same name...

Mortis the bunny is quite a presence on stage, appearing as if wearing a gas mask with uncanny, changing luminescent eyes…

So check out Car Seat Headrest, a very different band full of emotion and angst, and rooted in the furry fandom… 🦊

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2 Comments on “Car Seat Headrest, a “Furry Adjacent” Band…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I almost hate to say this. But, Mort’s costume gives him a greater resemblance to that Star Wars cantina alien, Nabrun Leids of Morseeria. And the Morseerians are as non-adjacent to furries as you can get!

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