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“The Bad Guys” from Dreamworks…

March 29, 2022

Based on a highly successful kid’s book series by Australian author Aaron Blabey that premiered in 2015, The Bad Guys is a kind of crime comedy focusing on the criminal exploits of five anthropomorphic animals that include Mr. Wolf (a pickpocket), Mr. Snake (a safecracker), Mr. Shark (a master of disguises), Ms. Tarantula (a tech wizard), and Mr. Piranha (mob muscle). It’s kind of like an Ocean’s Eleven theme, but with furries. We’re not all cute and harmless, ‘ya know. I myself have kind of a dark side, which comes with being of a predacious species. Get a bunch of us together, and you have a force of nature, literally and figuratively…🙀

Now Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) is the gang leader, and is both slick and hot. Get in line, ladies…but when a caper goes sour, he cuts a deal with the authorities to avoid prison time in exchange for his gang going good, which he really has no intention of doing. In the course of doing good, however, he finds that being a do-gooder actually strokes his inner need for acceptance. I should mention that Mr. Wolf has a love interest who is a real fox, one Diane Foxington, whose ears to me look rabbit-like…

As a tag line goes, these guys may be bad, but they’re good at it…and being good is no fun! Although intended for kids, The Bad Guys has something for everyone, especially if you like anthropomorphic animals with some classic themes thrown in, and a wolf who wears his threads well and can hold his own on the dance floor. The Big Bad Wolf here is really just a party animal who’s capable of redemption, only needs to channel his gifts in a socially-acceptable way, just wants to have fun, and I likes him! So let’s all let our inner animals out, whaddya say? There’s a little furry in all of youse…Yowsa! 🦊

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