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The Tao of Furry…

April 13, 2010

– – Those who talk about tolerance and diversity need look no further than the furry fandom; while we have our share of nasties, we have a big tent, and furs may be found there of every stripe (literally) and persuasion.

To paint us all with the same broad brush is inaccurate; besides, we don’t much like being painted with brushes, ’cause it tickles! We are of every age, race, nationality, and orientation.   Some of us are extraordinary artists, while others can’t draw a straight line; some of us are musicians, while others are tone deaf;  still others are creative writers, while others don’t reed and rite too gud.   Some of us do all of these things, while others do none.   At any rate, we all get along rather well with one another, appreciate one another’s gifts or lack of same, and generally don’t try and kill one another off.   This is a lesson from which many people might learn in politics.–You wanna talk about the lion lying down with the lamb?–Furries do this routinely!

So play nice out there, humans…we do!      🙂

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