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Shadow Creature of Braxton County…

June 19, 2014


Sometimes, perceived “monsters” may be non- indigenous species; a mountain lion outside of its normal habitat, for example.  That hardly seems to be the case with the Shadow Creature of Grafton County, however, as presented on S2/Ep07 (2014) of the Mountain Monsters series.  The Shadow Creature is reported to stand 6′ to 8′ tall, to weigh 350 to 500 pounds, and to have long teeth and most surprisingly, an exoskeleton!  It travels at night, lives in the shadows, and moves in stealth…quite a formidable creature!  Sightings of the beast date back to the mid-1800’s in West Virginia, at which time five Union soldiers were reportedly attacked and mutilated by the creature.

The first reported eyewitness interviewed was a hunter called “Benji,” who walked out of his shooting location to see something about 7′ tall, dark black in color, that had an exoskeleton, blended in with trees, and moved quickly on steep ground.  During their first night’s investigation, the AIMS team failed to find tracks in the snow but found deer blood, inferring that the creature had leaping ability.  They also had thermal images of something, and heard screeching sounds..

The next day, a snare trap was constructed and baited with deer. During trap construction, the woods became silent and a cry was heard.  A tree segment appeared to be thrown at Willy and “Wild Bill” while they were checking out a cave.  “Kim,” an eyewitness who held a rifle during the entire interview, related that the creature was killing deer, leaving their heads strewn about.  The hunter shared a blurred trail cam image of something large and dark with an apparent exoskeleton. 

During their final night’s hunt, the steep terrain made it difficult to flush the creature out, and Willy fell some distance.  Fleeting thermal images were seen, and it was felt that a visual sighting was also made.  Ice 1″ thick was seen to have been broken.  When they reached their trap, the deer bait had been taken although the trap was unsprung, with the deer apparently accessed through a hole made in the side of the trap.  Shadowy images were captured by a trail camera left in the trap vicinity, and team leader “Trapper” noted that the creature hadn’t turned on them, so they had put the fear of men into him…believe it, or not!

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