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Die Hard Steer!

December 12, 2010

– – Every now and then, I like to salute  valiant bovines who refuse to go quietly when sent to the slaughterhouses.  One such hero with hooves, Super Red by name, escaped from a farm in Stroud Township in northeastern Pennsylvania as he was about to go to slaughter.

The owner of the steer then contacted police, who caught up with Super Red and shot him with a rifle.  The round hit the animal in the head, but he survived and ran off! I’m pleased to say that Super Red remains on the loose!- –Run, Red, run!

If Super Red were here, I’m sure he’d tell us that it was only a flesh wound…and that it’s important to keep fighting and never give up…

The blood of the aurochs runs in this one…and in my fantasies, terrible indeed will be the revenge of Super Red!

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