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Not the Purr-fect Criminal!

August 28, 2010

– – I’ve confessed before to having a weakness for Catwoman, and can you really blame me?  It turns out, however, that a real-life “Cat-Lady” was staging robberies of boutiques in Queens and Manhattan in New York City, wearing a variety of disguises that included…(dramatic pause)…a cheesy cat mask! Her wanted posters were unusual, to say the least…crank up the Bat-Signal, Commissioner Gordon!

The felonious feline’s daytime identity was that of a death-metal band singer, who performed under the stage name of Purgatory. Now her evil-doing days are over, and Gotham City is safe again!

This was, of course, a pale impersonation of the genuine article, whose whip this wanna-be is not worthy to carry…Meow!

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